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Individual strengths converge to exert the greatest power

Cofacts is the earliest-developed fact-checking chatbot. The project was launched in 2016 by the engineers, proposed to the civic tech community, and accomplished by a group of volunteers. The team members meet up weekly to maintain the project's dynamic.

At present, there have been more than 45,000 verified pieces of content in our database. Through investing human and other resources, the project is to reverse harms to democracy and society caused by misinformation.

Super EASY

When you receive a suspicious message...
Send it to the chatbot
...And it will automatically read it, helping you get the fact-checking report.

Community Influence

External and internal propaganda have caused the people to lose their trust in media and information. Cofacts took the lead in making a change, establishing a platform and creating a chatbot with fact-checking capabilities. We automated the process of combating false information through artificial intelligence and machine learning, in order to avoid exhausting professional reviewers and provide review resources.

Fact-checking ecosystem

Fact-check community
Fact-check community
International sharing
International sharing


Cofacts is our original chatbot for checking messages. It is the only open source code and the largest Chinese false information checking platform. It encourages volunteers to participate through crowd collaboration and rewards different types of volunteers to motivate their participation.

  • 資料收錄
  • 完成查核數
  • 上線編輯
    10 名 / 週
  • 新增回應
    15,000 篇 / 年
  • 每 2 個月
  • 網站 PV
    10,000,000 次 / 年
  • 機器人自動回應
    200,000 次 / 年


即便是擁有思辨能力、查證能力的個體,遇到 LINE 上來自不同聊天視窗、的不實訊息,也會覺得重複查找資料回應很吃力、甚至放棄掙扎。

Cofacts 像是這些人面對假訊息時,共同編纂的一份共筆;Cofacts 聊天機器人會查詢現有不實訊息的澄清回應、也能讓人提交新的申訴,把需要查證的資訊送進公開資料庫。

此類資源的共享,讓散佈在各個聊天群組、關心不實訊息影響的公民們,開始有了團結起來抵抗不實訊息的基礎;Cofacts 也會舉辦查核工作坊,培訓進行新的編輯志工培力,讓大家能齊聚一堂,不用再孤軍奮戰。

Cofacts 蒐集到的訊息、編輯志工撰寫的回應、以及訊息熱門程度等統計資料,不只與 Cofacts 的使用者共享,也以開放資料的形式,回饋給社會。

有如香檳塔一般,Cofacts 從社會各方匯聚、承接群眾協作的回報與闢謠,再以 CC 授權散佈,讓第三方的查詢聊天機器人(如趨勢科技防詐達人、Gogolook 美玉姨)、調查記者(如報導者、Readr)與研究單位能加以運用,服務更廣大的受眾,也創造更多可能。

截至 2021,Cofacts 是唯一一個同時結合聊天機器人、公開回報且開放回應之開放原始碼系統。任何有志之士均能使用 Cofacts 的程式碼,架設自己的開放闢謠系統且自行經營社群。

Features of Cofacts

An exclusive service keeps users from repeating requests and provides immediate information about false messages in the previous queries.
Personal fact-check contribution
Volunteers would login Cofacts and fact-check the suspicious messages. What fact-checkers have replied and commented would be transparent and reviewed, the achievement was opened and shareable.
AI tagging
Cofacts has categorized misinformation via topics automatically, making different expertise focus on their professional fields. Such as COVID-19, Vaccine related, propaganda, public policy, or fraud, these could be categorized by Artificial Intelligence.
Cofacts has provided API connecting instruction, fact-checking system since 2016. This achievement leads the combating misinformation ecosystem. There were third party chatbots connecting to Cofacts open API and IFCN member started to conduct own chatbots.





  • Open Culture Foundation
  • g0v


  • Dcard

Cofacts original features

RSS Reading ability
Our database has a large quantity of material, so we use a subscription system to help link up to IFTTT, find popular topics, and to link to LINE, telegram, Slack and mail to send reminders that verification is underway.